SUBJECT: Science                                                             TOPIC: Pollution of water

CLASS/GRADE: i.e 8                                                      TIME:  75 Minutes



  • general objectives
  • specific objectives
  • 1. General objectives:
  • Define water pollution
  • describe the effect of pollution on living organgs.
  • Give their own ideas to reduce water pollution.

2.) Specific objectives:

  1. Predict  the cause of water pollution (skill).
  2. work collaborating while exploring and investigation.
  3. demonstration way of using martial and tools to help science questions and practical problems.


Water pollution:

water pollution can be defined as the contamination of water bodies.water pollution is caused when water bodies such as rivers, lakes, oceans, groundwater and aquifer contaminated with industrial and agricultural effluents.

when water gets pollution , polluted it adversely affects all lifeforms that directly or indirectly depend on this source.

Teaching Aids:

  • empty cardboard egg carton.
  • water.
  • Food colring.
  • Flax-seed meal another powdery substance.
  • paper towels.
  • tray to place under the egg carton.

Teaching Method:

The method of using is DEMONSTRATION method.


  1. Teacher initate the topic by asking riddle to the students.
  2. Development:
  3. stay calm and listen carefully .
  4. do not eat and drink in lab.
  5. do not touch , taste, or smell any chemical.
  6. Keep your area clean.
  7. Be around your working table..


now beings begin purring water into one of the cups at one end of the egg carton and watch as the water flows from the cup to cup.stop pouring once each egg cup is full.


teacher will recap the whole topic by lecture method and providing worksheet to find out the water pollutants around their selves and discus the effect of water pollution in living organs.


The teacher evaluate the students by providing worksheet based on questions related to water pollution.