Terminologies and Tools Used for Internet

There is basic terminologies and tools are used for internet.;

1.Web Servers:

web server store web pages or files and send information over the internet and that reply to request from the web browsers ,in 1992 ,there only 26 web servers in the world to publish web pages.today millions of service are providing these services on the internet. you can also set up your own web what server . the web servers out where is available to set up computer as a web server.your computer should be very powerful computer and permanently connect to the internet.

2. Client Server:

the tools and program tool which the set alarm for as well as sand to other user to the through server is called client. construct usually the personal computer and browser program are used to get information from the server.

3. Hosts Server:

can build that are connected to the internet and exchange information between user on the internet are called hosts. There is snow in Central temperature on the internet but they are many millions of host can put her can be board to center anc receive on the Internet behalf of both as server and as our client.

4. Web Browser:

program around that allow to access user access and view web page is on the internet is known as web browser you know our internet browser also call is internet browser.it is and application software that provided in APK and Windows file. a web browser or internet is also simply called a browser forest many web browsers are available by the most commonly used web browser or Now Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer and mmm and Firefox netscape came inucator or navy theater this is the most used full and browser in the world. most of the browser include the features for sending and receiving emails newspapers and many other uploading and downloading purposes. for using.web browser provide the interface to user to access information on that behalf of Internet. The user sounds the request to web server through web browser. and the browsers server process.
 the information that user send to browser and browser process this information and get back the result from the user for the browser gay one the to the browser you have to type the address of webpage or website in the address bar full web browser have Windows option. These are dresses are stored along with a drain adding you are l for important your soil or web page in web browser.these are dress are access the web pages or search by simply clicking their link from the bookmark or favorite you have saved. the mobile devices such as cellular telephone and PDAS use a special type of browser like as a chrome and Firefox many more call and this is the browser is called micro browsers which is designed for their small screens.

5. Internet Protocol:

The internet protocol define and consider and procedure for software but program for communication through which internet user exchange the information and our personal information on the network. and filter tool was developed in early 1970s for data communication on the network and was aimed as in network control protocol and CP. no idea the commonly used protocols are;


6.Web Pages:

that pages the document on the web are called web pages . there are electronically documents stored on the special a services known as the web services. the web services server web are permanently connected with your internet protocol.webpage in many Hmm simple texture video and images and hyperlinks or simply links the web pages are linked on the another one and other using Apple links to your server.

7.Web Site:

website is a collection of related web pages stored on web server is called web site  and the web browser is used to access website and a website may contain many that pages and posts.

8.Home Pages:

Main Services homepage the main page or title page of our website that contains the links for other web pages is referred on as like home pages first in the home pages is download first when you enter the URL of your website and the other page of the website is invited visited through homepage because contain the links of other pages. You are you can say that homepage is similar to the table of content for the web tight your website.


the one of most citing of your website this is HTML stand for hypertext markup language this is the main content in your website. it is a fundamental language is call international standard in language which is used to you are a website is designing and web pages.


the frame are used in a web document to defied the browser window into different parts . inside each section of web page can be should So that in the same time multiple page can be showed in browser windows .

11. Web Master:

A person devolupe a website and maintain website is known as web master.web master design web page and website.

12. Url Address:

URLs is stand for uniform resource locator. it is a unique address of webpage or many other file on the internet browser total. It is used by the browser of client computer to x is the documentary stored in your web server. the most important you are addresses like as;

1. prefix
2.the domain name
3. the path of documents.