Disadvantage of Using computer

Although there are many advantage of using computer but it has a many more disadvantage of using computer.

1. Data Security Risk:

almost all depends departments and organizations collect and maintain that on computer. most of data auto organizations stored inside the computer . this data can be accessed by unauthorized man through computer network . value able website  can be destroyed by hacker and your value able data might be deleted or Rase.

Health Ricky:

computer use can lead to this order of eyes hands neck elbow and back.the continual pain or weakness have increase become a major health risk for computer users.computer use can protect themselves from these health risks through proper workplace at a angi and proper use of the computer equipments.

Wastage of the time:

many people use computer and internet only for enjoyment.for example they play games and watch songs or movies listen to the music. they waste a loss of time.


now it is some young people what immoral corrupt movies through computer. some website canteen immoral material in the form of text movies picture . these website damage the character of our new generations.


suppose the particular task is performed by many persons.the same task can be performed a single person using this computer. It means that by using computer the need of people is summer rise for performing different activities. Some unemployment in our society is increased.

Virus in computer:

now are days internet is the most common source of spreading viruses . in the various transfer from the computer to another through email a lot of his files when information is downloaded on the internet. these various creator different problem in the computer. For example they can affect the performance of computer and damage valuable are personal better and stored software in the computer.

Allot Of time sitting:

the major disadvantage of using computer it is too much sitting a long time .Too much sitting for a long time and become mouse like potato and Hmm to too much long high your weight . studies show that standing for learn time is not healthy but is better than sitting free . the best version is to take frequently spend or break your time move around and exercise .

Loss of Privacy:

the using of computer We so much too much personal information then our hard drive or social media accounts it's are very high risk of getting into the hands of other networks. Once person has your information get they could access your online accounts or use your private accounts such as a new credit card under your name create with us.

Jobs can reduce:

As a computer becomes smarter and more capable they also replace the need many jobs.in the future it is also not that computer can carry out any job this is the disadvantage of computer maybe it's my thinking.

Tips for us:

social network can also be and from the real world by socializing with power family and friends over social network like Twitter Instagram YouTube and many more. Many students are assuring social networks search can be this pressing because they only show all these very good fun and keep joining enjoyment with friends. And interesting thing friends and family are doing. It can in go to believing people that other people's lives and experiences are better than there on experiences.