Welcome to introduce our self

Frist of all 


to start with the greatest name of Almighty Allah. most gracious and merciful whose blessing or uncountable whose worship is our faith. a warm good morning\good afternoon\good evening  to all of you present here.


My name is Mohammed Arshad (WRITE HERE YOUR NAME) and I am going to be speaking to you today about myself.
belong to:
I am basically belongs to the District Layyah Punjab Pakistan but now I'm living in my sweet city kot sultan.


My father name is (WRITE HERE YOUR FATHER NAME)  Ghulam Hussain. he is a government servant in education department my mother is housewife. the strength of my family is 5 we are two brothers and Three sisters now come to my education..

Almamater \ Education:

1. Primary

I got my primary education one  to middle education in my village govt school.

High school:

I passed my matric in private school which is placed in a kharal Azeem.


I get my intermediate degree from govt college of technology layyah in mechanical field.

Current education:

now I am a student of BS information technology in Mohammad Ali institute science and technology layyah, under university of education lahore.

Likes and dislikes:


1. honest people
2. helps the needy people ls.
3. friends circle.
4. classical music


1. self pity
2. pessimist
3. dishonest.
4. not making eyes contact


everyone has a dream in his life which they want to achieve when they grow up. my life dream is to be a successful person and people in my life.


1. reading books
2. reading holy Quran
3. playing cricket and volleyball
4. learning New technology
5. reading nees paper 📜
6. collect coins
7. collect dollar 💸
write something that's your hobbies and your interests

Friends Gethrings:

I like a friend circle. I like to making new friends and time spends together with my lovely friends.

Ideal Personality:

I have a many more ideal personalities. but one of the most impressive personality of is he is the hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam. because he was a poised man. he had a greatest personality in the history of the world and Islam. he was so much honest that even he is enemy kept their value able things with him he is a role model for every Muslim.

Message for class:

bhai message for my beautiful class winning does not always mean being faster. winning mean true or doing better than you have done before.


thanks for listening me carefully thank you.