Advantage of using computers

some important advantage of using computer are following

Advantage of Computer


in the computer is a very high speed electronic device full stop the operations on the data inside the computer are performed through electronic circuits according to the given instruction first step the data and instruction flow along these circuit with very high speed close to the speed of light. Computer can perform billion of trillion of operation on the data in one second. these operation may include arithmetic and sorting operation , displaying images , recording audio video playing music and showing video or movies . The time used by a computer to perform a specific operation it's called processing speed. The speed of computer is usually measure in Mega Hertz(MHz) gaga hertz(GHz). Different computers have different speed.


computer is a very accurate device. it does not make mistakes . it process data and gives accurate result . however, the accuracy of can the results depends upon the correct important data and set of instruction given to the computer.if there is any mistake in the input data computer does not gives accurate result. A computer can perform billions all trillions of operation in one second without any error .


the electronic components in modern computer have very low failure rate.the modern computer can perform completely created calculation without creating any problem. in general computers or very reliable. many personal computer have never needed services call. communications and networks or also very reliable and generally available whenever needed.


problem often have a difficulty to repeat the same actions again and again with the same way and get the same result. for example, a lecturer feels  difficulty to repeat a lecture in a classroom again and again. computer can repeat the same actions consistently again and again without losing it concentration, for example

To  run spell checker (built into word processor) for checking spelling in a document.

To play multimedia animation for training purposes.

To deliver a lecture through computer in a classroom etc.

A computer very carry out the activity with the same way very time every time. You can listen a lecture or problem any action again and again. The same result will be obtained each time.


computer has internal storage memory as well as external called secondary storage . in secondary storage a large amount of data and programs can be stored permanently. The stored data is available anytime for processing.
Retrieving Data and Program:
the data and programs stored on the storage media can be retrieved very quickly for further processing.


Once data and instruction are given to the computer it can automatically perform a different operation on can also control automatically different devices attached with computer. the executes automatically the program instruction 1 by 1.


restile means flexible. Modern computer can perform different kind of task 1 by 1 or simultaneously. At one moment you are playing game on computer the next moment you are composing and sending emails ,in college and University is , computers are used to deliver lectures to the students. So different types of tasks can be performed through computer.


a computer has the capabilities of communicating with other computers in computer network.Nowadays ,computers are mostly used to exchange message or data through computer networks all over the world. For example he information can be received or sent through the internet with the help of computer.


of computer can continuously work for hours without creating any error . it does not get retired while working. after hours of work youtube performs the operation with the same accuracy as well as speed as the first one.