Role of sociology in society

there are following role in society

Social welfare:

some people pure pursue degrees in sociology because they want to change society for the betterment, jobs that relate to these kinds of interests include.
>social worker
>child welfare worker
>adoption agency worker.
>foreign aid worker
>social mobilizer/social engineer

2. Crime and Deviance

many  sociologist focused their research socialists focus on crime and divines many conduct studies of juvenile delinquents  females criminals or other subgroups of offender's.
>law enforcement officer.
>prison administer and researcher.

Health care:

In understanding of a changing demographic and culture is essential for keeping members of society healthy.
they have following kinds of jobs
>social medical welfare officer.
>Marriage of family counselor.

3. International relations and diplomacy

the maintaining good relations with other state and associate societies with other and important challenging keeping in view global political and zero strategic environment to the field for international relations.
> public relations representative
>government communication worker.


many people study sociology because they want to continue learning and academy and research deeds about social itself.

Specific rule of sociologist in society:

sociology is the scientific study of the development structure and function of human social society according to Horton, and hunt, sociologists play following role in society

1. Sociologists as a researcher:

the primary duty of doses sociologist is not only to explore and collect information about the social life but also investigate the cause and suggestion of these problems sociologist preferment there Services in public universities research institutions and organization.

2. Promoting positivism:

the major task of social justice is to correct the society from popular superstation and non Santa Fe believes they create awareness among people and also create positive thing thinking changes are talking plays in social values due to education and industrial in advancement.

3. Making sociologists prediction :

whenever a new policy is formulated there are some assume assumptions which exist behind it and they are tested on social sociology G equal information. From this sociologist where the government about the future problem So that government people with done thinking properly planning and politics.

4. Sociologists as a policy consultant:

the sociological suggestion and production gas about the social policy of any society. And it's impact on it in short the production only suggestions provided by the social gesture in able the policy and consultant . To arrange it in such profession to get the required results.

5. Sociologists as a social engineer:

Now a Days is a large number of socialist as also working in governmental corporation hospitals social welfare and NGOs as the social mobilizer of visa as a social engineer the socialist using scientific information in order to increase the working capacity of the worker.

6. sociologists as Academic Research Practioner:

majority of socialists is associated with and research activities in high political profile public university is both home and abroad in example SOS village in share bar me trust, ETC are doing activities regarding social ills.

7. sociologists and NGO's:

In the NGOs are planning our key role in the government as well in the program of community development. The NGOs which are showing good result in the success and performance progress of various projects are Punjab roller sport program PRSP national roller sport program and recipe of our hand rulers for program AKRSP ETC country community and family at micro level.